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30 Jan

We’re about to enter the rainy season, and we need to be prepared. We’ve all been frustrated at the prospect of rain and the inevitable havoc it will wreak on any who have hair that requires maintenance. Quick solution? Hoods are so 10th grade. So pull a hat out and hold your head high while your precious locks are protected beneath its brim. Designers on the spring runway seemed to share a similar idea:

These two by Christian Dior are examples of lavish fashion hats, complete with sheer concealment of the face. I dig it, but not for everyday. A toned down version of this would be very sultry for an evening look on a rainy night. These are more for everyday:

These Isaac Mizrahi and L’Wren Scott accessories are great top hats for the day. The Mizrahi is a more boxy look in a neutral tone while the Scott is softer and matches the outfit. Either one is a great choice, depending on the type of look you want. Check out these examples from common lines that produce a similar feeling:

These are both from Decently priced and perfect for everyday. The left is a daytime version, the right is sultry for evening. Umbrella necessary of course, but these offer added protection.

These two looks from urban outfitters are great casual accessories. The black one is a great classic look that’s not too trendy. Stock up on your favorite hats for this season and protect your hair from the wretched rain!



24 Jan

We’ve all seen the likes of our favorite divas from Cruella De Vil to Mariah Carey swathed in luxurious furs. This season, however, the trend extends across the board to include every diva, big or small, who is on top of the fashion trends. Fur is huge both on the runway and on the real-way this season, and there is no lack of styles to choose from in sporting your favorite furry friend. Here are some looks from the runway:

Left is a Dennis Basso and right a J Mendel. Here are suggestions for 2 ways of wearing furs. The first is to wear it as a coat or vest, making it the centerpiece of the ensemble and encircling the wearer in warmth and comfort. The second is a simple shawl covering just the shoulders. It adds a vixen touch to an already sophisticated outfit. Here are a few available to us:

The left can be found on and the right is a Bop Basics. The first is an example of the centerpiece – the fur as the main event. Generally in Europe and elsewhere, the coats are long and thick. They’re often paired with a great hat. The right is an example of what can be considered a collared scarf – it’s a circular wrap around the neck that serves as a fur collar, an addition to the rest of the outfit. Fur is a very chic way to stay warm and look sophisticated.


22 Jan

This trend is huge everywhere from the runway to the celebrity world to America and Europe. The point is that messenger bags/crossbody bags make it easy to carry just what you need for the day and allow you to be hands free. It’s like the socially acceptable version of the fanny pack. It stays at your hip and you simply reach down and go. Check these out from B. Makowsky and Coach.

It’s ok to use bright or busy patterns and colors with these bags because they’re meant to serve as accents. They shouldn’t be big enough to weigh down on your neck. Get a small black one for going out at night and use this time during the day. They’re wildly popular in European cities.


16 Jan

Here’s a quick -ism for today. Half of your style and your look comes from the attitude and the confidence with which you wear the clothes. It’s easy to tell when a celebrity is not happy with what she or he is wearing – it shows in the way they carry their bodies. A piece of clothing might be perfect for you, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, the clothing will begin to wear you and frankly¬† it just won’t look right.

Beyonce is 100% happy with her body, from her curves to the color of her skin. And it shows. No matter what this chick steps out in, she carries it like a star. It’s a combination of choosing the right styles for her body and being content with her choices. That type of attitude is what allows for her to make more bold and defiant fashion choices and have it catch on with those who look up to her.

Now compare the temptress Megan Fox with recent plastic surgery addict Heidi Montag. You barely even need to look at the clothing to decide which one looks hotter. The look on Megan’s face and the way she’s holding her body tell you it’s her. That confidence and temptation is what has made her so popular in recent months. Heidi looks unsure and self conscious, with her legs crossed and her hand placed timidly on her hip. Though she and her outfit are beautiful, you don’t get the full effect. The outfit is essentially wearing her. So keep in mind that you can wear the hottest and trendiest pieces, but you need to feel that confidence in your choices to carry the outfit the whole way.

Celeb-ism: Hot Celeb-designed Lines

14 Jan

Some celebrities are good for more than just a pretty face. Some. Take the uber-famous Olsen twins and their high-grossing line named after sister and brother: Elizabeth and James. Turns out there are some great business minds behind that blonde hair. This line has been incredibly successful – perhaps because of the name attached to it – but the line is good. Really good. And best of all, it allows the everyday woman to dress like an Olsen. Check out these highlights:

The line has a bit of a higher price point, but you can catch it on sale easily online or at the department stores. The jackets are my favorite part – they’re unique and cut in a flattering way.

The line is casual and super-trendy. It has a bit of an edge to it. It includes all the Olsen favorites from oversized plaid to tight mini-dresses. Definitely check it out. If you wish to opt for a more formal celeb line, check out the great Victoria Beckham in her line:

Can’t you just picture Victoria stepping out in these clothes? Well, you can. She is often photographed wearing them out and about – even at certain red carpet events. Talk about endorsement. And now we can all dress like Posh.

More celeb-isms to come.

Tie Dye-ism

12 Jan

Gotta love the sixties. Those rebellious kids brought us tree-hugging, free love, and of course, the bright and brazen trend of tie dye patterns. Today, four decades later, this trend remains, molded and modernized to fit the flairs of the new millennium. Check out some examples from the spring 2010 runway:

These two looks are from Blumarine. Pretty straightforward. Matching cardigans and skirt or leggings. Not to mention matching shoes. The colors are bright, perhaps overwhelming. I’m sure you remember being told that matchy-matchy is a no-go. Well that still stands. I wouldn’t attempt these exact looks on a regular basis, so just take away certain aspects of the look.

Here is a Tory Burch and a Proenza Schouler. Simple dresses, basic shapes. But they can be worn in several ways. It’s how you wear the tie-dye that makes modern or trendy. Make sure it’s not overwhelming. Take these looks for example:

These are very chic. The first is an Alexander McQueen and the second a Diane von Furstenberg. Both are from lower priced labels and are easily available. These are examples of modern, current ways to do tie dye. It’s about the shape of the garment and the accessories – the right tights, the right shoes, the right bag, or even a hat. Think of the tie dye not so much as a funky old trend but as a colorful print. Match it to your accessories with that in mind.

These are examples of casual tops that simply feature the tie dye print. They’re modern and have flattering shapes. This is how you make it look chic and not like an art project from middle school. The left is from the brand Flamingo while the right is from Victoria’s Secret. They’re casual and flirty and found everywhere; it’s an easy way to be fashion-froward.


11 Jan

Bling of the year: necklace tops. This combination of styles made quite the splash in 2009, and it’s not over yet. Check out these items from the spring 2010 runways:

Here are selections from Vera Wang and Milly. As you can see, the styles of this trend vary greatly. The attached necklace can be  built in, sewn in, or added as a topper. It can come on a simple top, a small dress, or an evening gown. It can make a look instantly more trendy and can be worn casually or at the most formal of occasions Рwherever you would wear a necklace. Here are some examples of everyday looks that incorporate this trend:

Look #1: These tops by Diane von Furstenberg and the brand INC use necklaces attached only at the shoulders. They have multiple long strands of golden chains that hang to the waist. Can be casual or formal.

Look #2: Tops by INC and LaRok. These have bib necklaces sewn into the front of the shirt – not actual necklaces that can be removed but ones that appear so. This is a more casual/everyday look.

Look #3: These tops by Haute Hippie and Marciano combine the first two looks with bib necklaces attached at the neckline and not on the top itself so they flow like real jewels. Plenty of bling for day or night. Very trendy.

Look #4: Finally we have a look by Green Envelope that features not a real necklace but an image of one printed on a tee. Very casual. Very trendy. Sort of that edgy, abstract look. Which look will be yours?