Classic-ism for the Everyday

3 Jan

Let’s face it – we all don’t walk the red carpet on a regular basis. So how can we uphold the standards of classic-ism everyday?

Here we have the basic pump, the basic flat – with a modern twist. Left is a Guess Clarisse pump and the right is a Calvin Klein flat with a hint of patent. These don’t call attention to themselves. They don’t take away from the rest of the outfit. The point of the classic look is that it emphasizes the woman inside rather than just her clothing.

Left is a number from David Meister, right is a Tahari. The left is a modernized Audrey Hepburn type. Classic black and white, feminine bow. It drapes the body in a simple shape. Classy and classic. The Tahari is a simple a-line, a silk fabric with a flattering cut. Both of these shapes and designs can be worn today or in the days of Ms. Hepburn. Looks like these withstand the tests of time.

BCBG suit jacket – double breasted, satin lapel, tailored and fitted, and a slim pant to  match. Basic black menswear for women. This is a classic essential. The modern touch would be the tight fit, the satin lapel. But the basic structure of a good suit jacket remains unchanged. No woman should be without this classic.

The Kate Spade Quinn is a simple, sturdy, essential bag for any woman. The popping red is a great contrast to a basic black, and it makes this  bag the perfect classic accessory. It can be worn on the arm or over the shoulder. This bag is not trendy and it’s not something the fashion world will cast out one day as no longer in style. It is timeless, and the perfect accessory to your classic wardrobe.

What’s your favorite classic piece in your closet? What’s on your wish list to complete your look?


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