4 Jan

Sequins. The hot look for the new year. Said to be huge for 2010, fashionistas around the world are bejeweled and bedazzled. Perhaps it is a fashion bow down to the trend-setting king of pop, MJ, or the glitter queen Mariah. Either way, sequins are huge. Not literally, of course. We don’t want to look like a walking mirror.

Thank you Giorgio Armani and Isaac Mizrahi for these glittering numbers on this year’s runway.

Just Cavalli and Ralph Lauren bring these to spring 2010. The Ralph is a bit of a different take, with a sequinned overlay on a matching pant and top.

Here again is a long-sleeved Balmain number and a gorgeous Prada shoe to add a glittering accessory. The purpose of this trend is to make a statement. A strong statement. Sequins can be worn with jeans or added to an accessory like this pump for just a simple touch. Or, if worn in the form of a dress like the elegant Armani one pictured above, it adds to the elegance and formal quality. This is essential sequin-ism. Stay tuned for the trickle down from these runway images to everyday products available to you and me.


One Response to “Sequin-ism”

  1. Stylestance January 6, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Great looks. I like a touch of sequins with an otherwise casual outfit, like distressed jeans. It’s just the kind of high/low, polished/rough look I favor.

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