More Frugal-ism

7 Jan

Next on the list is the much-anticipated Rodarte for Target. To decipher how this line works, we have to look at the real Rodarte and where they get their inspiration. Rodarte was started in 2005 by two sisters from CA in their 20s. Their website mentions inspirations for their fall 09 collection to have come from “archaic and futuristic…deconstruction,” with “layers upon layers” and “works of art,” meant to “explore the process of building, ruin and preservation”. Case in point:

Looks from their fall 2009. It’s industrial, it’s deconstructed, it’s layered. It’s very piece-y with many different fabrics but in this way it still makes a statement. Notice the use of sheer and the cinched waists. So let’s look at their line for Target:

So the look is not all that different. But the price is astronomically so. What’s the same? Well they both have that neo-grunge look – the worn-in boots, the many fabrics, the gloves. They both cinch the waist with a thin belt and use a dress under a jacket/sweater. These lace tights show up on the runway as well. So here we have a toned-down, anyone-can-wear, complete look that is quite affordable and widely available. Same designers, same concept, novel idea. Here are some more from their Target line:

Here, the accent of lace remains present, the unfinished edges on the yellow dress add to the industrial feel. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. More on this to come.


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