11 Jan

Bling of the year: necklace tops. This combination of styles made quite the splash in 2009, and it’s not over yet. Check out these items from the spring 2010 runways:

Here are selections from Vera Wang and Milly. As you can see, the styles of this trend vary greatly. The attached necklace can be  built in, sewn in, or added as a topper. It can come on a simple top, a small dress, or an evening gown. It can make a look instantly more trendy and can be worn casually or at the most formal of occasions – wherever you would wear a necklace. Here are some examples of everyday looks that incorporate this trend:

Look #1: These tops by Diane von Furstenberg and the brand INC use necklaces attached only at the shoulders. They have multiple long strands of golden chains that hang to the waist. Can be casual or formal.

Look #2: Tops by INC and LaRok. These have bib necklaces sewn into the front of the shirt – not actual necklaces that can be removed but ones that appear so. This is a more casual/everyday look.

Look #3: These tops by Haute Hippie and Marciano combine the first two looks with bib necklaces attached at the neckline and not on the top itself so they flow like real jewels. Plenty of bling for day or night. Very trendy.

Look #4: Finally we have a look by Green Envelope that features not a real necklace but an image of one printed on a tee. Very casual. Very trendy. Sort of that edgy, abstract look. Which look will be yours?


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