Tie Dye-ism

12 Jan

Gotta love the sixties. Those rebellious kids brought us tree-hugging, free love, and of course, the bright and brazen trend of tie dye patterns. Today, four decades later, this trend remains, molded and modernized to fit the flairs of the new millennium. Check out some examples from the spring 2010 runway:

These two looks are from Blumarine. Pretty straightforward. Matching cardigans and skirt or leggings. Not to mention matching shoes. The colors are bright, perhaps overwhelming. I’m sure you remember being told that matchy-matchy is a no-go. Well that still stands. I wouldn’t attempt these exact looks on a regular basis, so just take away certain aspects of the look.

Here is a Tory Burch and a Proenza Schouler. Simple dresses, basic shapes. But they can be worn in several ways. It’s how you wear the tie-dye that makes modern or trendy. Make sure it’s not overwhelming. Take these looks for example:

These are very chic. The first is an Alexander McQueen and the second a Diane von Furstenberg. Both are from lower priced labels and are easily available. These are examples of modern, current ways to do tie dye. It’s about the shape of the garment and the accessories – the right tights, the right shoes, the right bag, or even a hat. Think of the tie dye not so much as a funky old trend but as a colorful print. Match it to your accessories with that in mind.

These are examples of casual tops that simply feature the tie dye print. They’re modern and have flattering shapes. This is how you make it look chic and not like an art project from middle school. The left is from the brand Flamingo while the right is from Victoria’s Secret. They’re casual and flirty and found everywhere; it’s an easy way to be fashion-froward.


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