Celeb-ism: Hot Celeb-designed Lines

14 Jan

Some celebrities are good for more than just a pretty face. Some. Take the uber-famous Olsen twins and their high-grossing line named after sister and brother: Elizabeth and James. Turns out there are some great business minds behind that blonde hair. This line has been incredibly successful – perhaps because of the name attached to it – but the line is good. Really good. And best of all, it allows the everyday woman to dress like an Olsen. Check out these highlights:

The line has a bit of a higher price point, but you can catch it on sale easily online or at the department stores. The jackets are my favorite part – they’re unique and cut in a flattering way.

The line is casual and super-trendy. It has a bit of an edge to it. It includes all the Olsen favorites from oversized plaid to tight mini-dresses. Definitely check it out. If you wish to opt for a more formal celeb line, check out the great Victoria Beckham in her line:

Can’t you just picture Victoria stepping out in these clothes? Well, you can. She is often photographed wearing them out and about – even at certain red carpet events. Talk about endorsement. And now we can all dress like Posh.

More celeb-isms to come.


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