16 Jan

Here’s a quick -ism for today. Half of your style and your look comes from the attitude and the confidence with which you wear the clothes. It’s easy to tell when a celebrity is not happy with what she or he is wearing – it shows in the way they carry their bodies. A piece of clothing might be perfect for you, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, the clothing will begin to wear you and frankly  it just won’t look right.

Beyonce is 100% happy with her body, from her curves to the color of her skin. And it shows. No matter what this chick steps out in, she carries it like a star. It’s a combination of choosing the right styles for her body and being content with her choices. That type of attitude is what allows for her to make more bold and defiant fashion choices and have it catch on with those who look up to her.

Now compare the temptress Megan Fox with recent plastic surgery addict Heidi Montag. You barely even need to look at the clothing to decide which one looks hotter. The look on Megan’s face and the way she’s holding her body tell you it’s her. That confidence and temptation is what has made her so popular in recent months. Heidi looks unsure and self conscious, with her legs crossed and her hand placed timidly on her hip. Though she and her outfit are beautiful, you don’t get the full effect. The outfit is essentially wearing her. So keep in mind that you can wear the hottest and trendiest pieces, but you need to feel that confidence in your choices to carry the outfit the whole way.


One Response to “‘Tude-ism”

  1. Christopher January 16, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    This needs a like button or something:)

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