24 Jan

We’ve all seen the likes of our favorite divas from Cruella De Vil to Mariah Carey swathed in luxurious furs. This season, however, the trend extends across the board to include every diva, big or small, who is on top of the fashion trends. Fur is huge both on the runway and on the real-way this season, and there is no lack of styles to choose from in sporting your favorite furry friend. Here are some looks from the runway:

Left is a Dennis Basso and right a J Mendel. Here are suggestions for 2 ways of wearing furs. The first is to wear it as a coat or vest, making it the centerpiece of the ensemble and encircling the wearer in warmth and comfort. The second is a simple shawl covering just the shoulders. It adds a vixen touch to an already sophisticated outfit. Here are a few available to us:

The left can be found on piperlime.com and the right is a Bop Basics. The first is an example of the centerpiece – the fur as the main event. Generally in Europe and elsewhere, the coats are long and thick. They’re often paired with a great hat. The right is an example of what can be considered a collared scarf – it’s a circular wrap around the neck that serves as a fur collar, an addition to the rest of the outfit. Fur is a very chic way to stay warm and look sophisticated.


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