30 Jan

We’re about to enter the rainy season, and we need to be prepared. We’ve all been frustrated at the prospect of rain and the inevitable havoc it will wreak on any who have hair that requires maintenance. Quick solution? Hoods are so 10th grade. So pull a hat out and hold your head high while your precious locks are protected beneath its brim. Designers on the spring runway seemed to share a similar idea:

These two by Christian Dior are examples of lavish fashion hats, complete with sheer concealment of the face. I dig it, but not for everyday. A toned down version of this would be very sultry for an evening look on a rainy night. These are more for everyday:

These Isaac Mizrahi and L’Wren Scott accessories are great top hats for the day. The Mizrahi is a more boxy look in a neutral tone while the Scott is softer and matches the outfit. Either one is a great choice, depending on the type of look you want. Check out these examples from common lines that produce a similar feeling:

These are both from e4hats.com. Decently priced and perfect for everyday. The left is a daytime version, the right is sultry for evening. Umbrella necessary of course, but these offer added protection.

These two looks from urban outfitters are great casual accessories. The black one is a great classic look that’s not too trendy. Stock up on your favorite hats for this season and protect your hair from the wretched rain!


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