23 Feb

Roaring red is a fierce color for day or night, and it has recently rocked the runway, taking a bold stance. Red is the color of royalty, of rich taste, of wealth and splendor. In olden days, it cost a lot to produce this fiery substance – it came only from the ink of a beetle found deep in the forests of India. Renaissance royalty and even those before loved to show off their fiery spirits and noble status by flashing their flaming garments at the crowd of onlookers. Why do you think the red carpet is so luxurious? This color continues to inspire passion in its wearers, so you too can use it to bump up the class of your wardrobe.

These looks from the fall 2010 runway via incorporate both small and large bits of fire. The first look by Oscar de la Renta denotes obvious luxury. The red pea coat combines with the fur for a very loud ensemble. The second, by Heart Truth, is a very simple but elegant dress. It strays far from your basic black in a bright and entrancing red but it is not offensive. It is still sophisticated but it’s fun – and the sexy one-shouldered shape is easily replicable. The queen would be so pleased.

Take a look at these modern adaptations. The George Simonton Studio coat (found at Nordstrom) is the perfect fit for luxury and flair. Pair it with some fur and you’ve got the look! The dress is sweet by Coast Mylee. It has the one-shoulder look and screams simple elegance. Rock it out or add just a flair. Either way, get some heat in your wardrobe.


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