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More Leopard-ism

30 Jul

Obsession of the year. Gucci never disappoints. I fell deeply, madly, over the hill, obsessively in love with this bag in plain black leather when I saw it the first time in Italy about 6 months ago. It’s been calling my name ever since. And now it comes in everyone’s favorite feline print, leopard. I think it was made just for me. In all its perfections, from the fringe tassels to the bamboo accents, to the longer strap accompanying the handle, it’s pretty much my favorite bag of all time right now. But  I’m sure that will change.



30 Jul

Roar. Not sure what it is about this frisky feline, but leopard print is absolutely everywhere! Jimmy Choo’s new collection is absolutely littered with leopard, Fendi has a ton of bags like this one sporting variations of the pattern, and even Hanky Panky adopted the trend with their latest prints:

What this means for us: Go for it. Embrace this trend that never seems to disappear. Bring it in with complementing accessories or a statement piece. Try pairing a leopard cuff and bag or a shoe and belt. If there is leopard in your main ensemble (ie pants, skirt, top, dress), make sure that’s the only leopard print in your outfit. Make it stand out and draw attention but try not to overdo it. It’s very easy for this trend to become trashy. So keep it classy and don’t let it become overpowering. Try a sheer top with the print or a tank like this one from New York & Co:

I also go by the rule of no shiny fabrics. especially with leopard print. Can you say synthetic?


29 Jul

Blend in to the wilderness. Cargo is the ultimate in neutrals, and can be a bit masculine. It is, after all, a military look adapted for our trendy feminine needs. Cargo is everywhere, from pants with pockets to drawstring jackets like this one from DKNY.

What this means for us: Two rules for cargo. One – never ever combine more than 2 pieces of the cargo look together in one outfit. And please make one of them a lesser accessory. Two – combine this harsh look with something more feminine, like this look with a ruffle top. It can get bulky and chunky and wash you out with its beige neutral tones. So be careful, but the earthy cargo look is a really cool offset to your typical ensemble. Look for something that fits well so it accentuates your feminine shape.


28 Jul

They’re baaaaaack. I too thought we left chunky platform clogs in the 90s. But guess what? They’re back with a vengeance. I must be getting sucked into the fashion black hole because I am starting to think they’re really cute. I’ll take these Stuart Weitzmans any day! Chanel started it with their spring collection in the hay. And hey, it kind of worked. Now they’re everywhere and it’s official. There’s no turning back.

What this means for us: Yee-haw. Grab on to the trend and embrace it for all its loud and chunky charm. Wear it with, well, anything. Just spare your uber-formal wear from this trendy scene. Have fun and try a few different styles until you find one that works – studs, neutrals, peep toes, etc. Show me what you come up with!


27 Jul

via WWD

I suppose this title needs some work, but you get the picture. It’s long dresses back for the attack, and they can easily last straight through fall since they offer more coverage. This one from WWD is by Emilie Ghilaga and it gives a beautiful silhouette. Wear with sandals (or flats in the fall I suppose), mostly the gladiator trend. Also this trend gives you the ability to wear a bright color all over.

What this means for us: Now it’s ok to go bold. Find a dress that reaches your ankles (below the mid-calf is ok too but anywhere from below the knee to the mid-calf is not a good look in my opinion). You can even have a small train if you wanted, just make sure the fabric is light weight and flows nicely. There are a ton of dresses like this out there, so look for one that won’t weigh you down and isn’t too clingy – that would really highlight allll your curves. A lightweight cotton or sheer material is always best.


26 Jul

Designer lines for low-end retail stores continue with Dolce Vita for Target. As part of the launch of Harlem’s brand new Target store – the first in Manhattan – Dolce Vita supplied a great line of faux-leather menswear-inspired shoes and boots for women. They sold out faster than you can say “sweet” but there are plenty more to come. Though some shun the fake leather, NYC’s ever-growing vegan population is embracing it, excited for more chic options in animal-friendly materials. Check out more from the new NYC target for clothing by Harlem’s artists and other NYC-esque treats.

More Creative-ism

23 Jul

More from NYC’s Sidewalk Catwalk. Guess which designers created these looks (without cheating :)). Tell me @fashionismsblog on twitter!