13 Jul

via Refinery 29

Decked out and gilded at couture 2010 – sounds about right for typical Givenchy. Stunning and beyond feminine as always, this is one of my favorite looks. I wouldn’t quite call it couture – in keeping with the trend, the days of outrageous and gravity-defying ensembles created by the great fashion artists of our time appear to be waning, and Givenchy here is no exception. But the collection remains elegant and delicate to the utmost.

What this means for us: Conservatism, lace, white, fringe. These are the trends we see here. The elegance of the way in which this gorgeous gown drapes over her body is what is most attractive. The detailed lace and perfectly fallen fringe are among the aspects that make this couture. Of course, her easily visible skin beneath the sheer lace wouldn’t fly in the non-celebrity world either. To take wisdom from Givenchy, look for a conservative gown that reaches the floor. Seek out graceful lace decor and a bone white color. If you find some fringe, that wouldn’t hurt either.


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