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30 Aug

There’s a new silhouette in town. Remember in the 90s when pant rises skimmed dangerously low, barely covering the essentials, as shirts remained at their usual length, baring a less than appropriate amount of midriff? We recovered in the last decade by pushing the waistline way up high to the thinnest part of your body. But recently the waistlines are dropping again (however let’s remember – NO MORE MIDRIFFS), much like they were in the flapper days of the 20s, bringing about a new and intriguing feminine silhouette. This look from Valentino is a mild example.

What this means for us: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different waistlines. When the line is lower in a dress, however, the fit should be looser. It’s a comfortable and flattering look for most women.



27 Aug

70s style + Grunge + Grandma’s sweater = Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 collection. Not everyone can pull off the age-old Christmas Sweater and the socks with sandals look. I wouldn’t recommend trying both, but the sweater – maybe we can work with that.

What this means for us: Go with the heavy wool. It’s warm, it’s comfy, and brings that “I don’t care about trends or being thin” vibe, even if that’s not the case. I would pair it with some cute leggings and boots before an equally woolly skirt, but that’s just me. Try this one from Topshop:


26 Aug

Bombs away. Burberry is taking flight. Several big, bulky, fur-filled bomber jackets took a strut down their Fall 2010 runway, making a strong statement. It’s not exactly feminine, but it will certainly keep you warm.

What this means for us: Some leather versions are really shapely and can add to your figure. Try on a  bunch before you make a decision on what style to go for. This will be the kind of thing you can base your fall wardrobe on. A word of warning: you can go with the mini-jacket look, but remember it’s much less functional, and the shirt you wear underneath will be a big part of the look. I’d try to stay away from these for the most part. I really love this leather version from ASOS. The rouged up sleeves and tight fit make it super flattering:


25 Aug

Flares, bell bottoms, wide leg, whatever you want to call them  – they’re back. After several years of jean styles so tight you had to peel them off, we’re finally giving our ankles some breathing room. I guess GAP finally took it too far with their outright promotion of the jegging. Of course, we’ll keep our skinnies to wear inside boots. But these flares are making a flaming comeback – the bigger the trendier, apparently. These are from True Religion (shockingly, I actually have this very pair). TR tends to not obey every trend and have continued to sell flares throughout their ups and downs. For a more thrifty option, try these from ASOS:


24 Aug

This is a scarf. In my experience, there are about 98500 ways you can wear this scarf. It requires some creativity, much like the extra long, extra, thin, or extra furry and holey scarves of our past lives. This is an infinity scarf, as in, there are no ends. It’s fuzzy, colorful, and full of possibilities. Do with it what you wish. If name brand mohair isn’t your thing, try this cotton version from Splendid Clothing:


23 Aug

Next hot collection from celeb collaborations with low-end retail? Everyone’s favorite teeny twins, the Olsens. Olsenboye for JCPenney has released their new fall 2010 line-up. This is a junior’s collection, so be aware of the difference. It’s pretty different from what we see with The Row and Elizabeth and James. Very punk, hipster, dark. Not my favorite collab, but you can pick out a few great pieces. Look for the kitten heel pumps and the cute foldover messenger bag. This blazer can be a cool piece as well.


20 Aug

Latest obsession. Had to share. LOVING Oak NYC. Decent prices, edgy vibes. These mini-wedges are hot. And the elastic on the upper is really big right now. Hello, snakeskin,