12 Aug

Weekly dose of savings here. So Forever 21 just opened their newest location. I checked it out yesterday only to stand, open-jawed, staring at  a massive, sprawling, 4-story cheap clothing phenomenon smack dab in times square, with hundreds of teens scrambling to find their size in the perfect mini-dress. Granted, I too was sifting through the numerous racks and there were some quirky little basics. And good news – this version of the chain has somehow managed to overcome the usual untidy, over-crowded, unorganized mess that seems to populate most other locations. Not to be critical, but let’s admit – it’s quite a turnoff.

On another front, I also took the time to check out the latest from the First Lady of Music herself, Madonna. Her Material Girl line (in case you have been living with a major fashion blockage, it’s a really affordable line she created for Macy’s with her daughter Lourdes). My verdict: eh. It’s really for a younger crowd. Cheaply made, kind of “chincy.” Best bet would be sticking to H&M or Forever 21 for cheap and trendy stuff.


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