13 Aug

I mean, I’m not happy about it either. Pleats? PLEATS? Yes you are reading correctly. With a return to the old styles, it seems we have inevitably run into our old unflattering friend, the pleat. Yes it’s that thing you were told to run far away from once we safely escaped the fashion terror that was the 90s. But here it is – back again to confuse the daylights out of trend lovers everywhere. Thank you, Ferragamo, for this pleated skirt. And the pleated pants, shorts, jackets (yikes), and dresses that followed. Whatever will we do.

What this means for us: Breathe deeply. We’ll get through this together. It’s actually kind of cute, right? Some guidelines to follow when tackling this monster: Harem pants were dangerous enough before this added bonus. Approach with caution. When trying on skirts, pants, or shorts with pleats (please try them on first), make sure the pleat remains comfortably flat and doesn’t pull outward at the point. This is a sign that your clothes are TOO TIGHT. It will look bulky and painfully unflattering. Don’t be afraid to go up a size. Also with pants, a wide leg version will be the most universally flattering, but for those daring trendsetters, try the tapered leg. It should be shorter than you’re used to – just to the top of the ankle. And have no fear – I’m sure this phase will pass quickly. Try this look by Vince:


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