16 Aug

I thought it was trench-coat. Now it’s trench-dress and jacket too? We’re not really climbing through wet marshes over here in the fashion world so what’s with all the trenchwear? Well, shockingly fashion sometimes goes  a bit beyond practicality…

These pieces from Elizabeth and James are gorgeous additions to fall fashion. They’re a different and modern take on the classic trench that incorporates several trends, including neutral tones, a safari-esque theme, menswear for women, and, of course, trenchcoats. Burberry even made a trench dress with a pleat skirt (yes I’m still on the pleats). Cute huh?

What this means for us: Trench is hot. Period. So pretty much anything trench-y, from vests to cargo pants to dresses and the classic coat, are in. Stick to neutral tones, though. Hot pink and neon green won’t pass for camo, even in the fashion marshes. And for those of us asking who the heck Elizabeth and James are (the little siblings of designers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – I know you’ve heard of them), try a more down to earth version from Michael Kors at Saks Fifth Ave for $120:


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