17 Aug

What’s an “it” bag anyway? Says who? We all know the story with the Hermes Kelly. All the celebs and ladies of great fortune sported the several-thousand-dollar bag through the world’s most fashionable streets. Sure, it’s a great, big tote. And it came in all sorts of neat colors. But so do flip flops. And I’d never pay thousands of dollars for a pair of purple flip flops.

Yesterday it was the Kelly. Today it’s the Mulberry Alexa. Well, this morning it was. This bag is gorgeous. Neutral, soft leather, fold-over flap, both long and short straps. And a gorgeous gold fastener. Yes, I’m in love. “It” was a great choice this time. But here’s some better news. Soon you can get “it” at Target. WHAT? Yes. Target. Mulberry is doing an affordable line with the big red bullseye so even us lowly villagers can afford to be “it” at least until “it” changes. Check it out:

That should hold us over until we start drooling over tomorrow’s already-established “it” bag, this one from Chloe . De-lish.


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