20 Aug

These shoes. Have fur on them. Like that book that tries to eat you in Harry Potter. These are from Ralph Lauren, and these are the tamest of the bunch. I thought we were moving away from animal persecution toward a greener and more natural fashion world? Who am I kidding. There were Uggs. And now there are fur creatures from the lagoon. Check out Zac Posen’s red and black booties for some real shaggy madness. To quote Indelible Me, “It’s soo FLUFFY!”

What this means for us: Well, I guess this means Uggs aren’t the worst things anymore. Have fun with it. Throw some fur into different accessories to rock out the trend. Find some necklaces or cuffs with fur accents and feel free to rock those fluffy booties. As always, keep it to one or two accessories. Don’t throw on a fur coat with these babies if you aren’t a fan of the Cruella de Vil effect. These from Oak NYC are hot:


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