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Fashion Week-ism

9 Sep

Happy fashion week! What are YOU going to wear? I’ve been arranging and re-arranging my outfits on a daily basis for about a month now. This is, after all, the mecca for fashion lovers in NYC. My favorites from today’s line-up include Christian Siriano and Verrier. Here are a few past pieces from their collections that I love. Will post pieces from their new collection as they emerge. And I will be regularly reporting on fashion week from inside, both here and on twitter so STAY TUNED!



2 Sep

What an unbelievable new discovery. The amazing Jennine from The Coveted has teamed up with the latest and greatest in women’s fashion. is a brand new site on which you can design and order your very own shoes and handbags – for $100! This is taking the fashion world into a brand new dimension. Made to order shoes and bags are the hottest thing since sliced bread. Where on earth will this go next?


1 Sep

As the waist line is lowering, so too are heel heights. We never thought this day would come. After a continual rise to unbelievably daring heights, even to the point of eliminating the actual heel altogether (think Victoria Beckham in her heel-less “standing shoe”), the fashion world has decided to finally give our little piggies a well-deserved break. This Valentino sandal still finds a way to rock his famous bow. The kitten heel is officially the new platform stiletto. How posh.

What this means for us: Embrace it for every moment it lasts. Before you know it, heel heights will be on the rise again. The most common form is the pointed toe stiletto pump. This is super-refined, sophisticated, and elegant. If that’s what you’re going for, perfect. This trend comes of course from the recurring Mad Men them e of dressing, adopting the styles of the 60s with a longer hemline and more conservative styles. If you want to be a little funkier, try it in a bootie or a fun sandal. They can be really cute. Here are a couple of my favorites from and J. Renee: