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Snow White-ism

24 Oct

It’s been a long time since I posted. Rest assured the fashion gods will be punishing me for my negligence. Let’s jump into NYC Fashion Week.

One of the interesting shows I saw in NYC was the Isabella Tonchi line. It’s a fairly simple, subtle line. She brings thoughtful patterns and prints to the table that I think are worth discussing. Here are a few looks from her NYC show. Please excuse the back seat position I had to take these from…

What we see here is the detail of the material in the first outfit and the interesting print in the second shift dress. She is making a statement using only a small color pallet of whites, golds, and blacks. It’s very traditional, very simple. But it is extremely elegant and effectively draws the eye to its intricacies. The shoe is a masculine-inspired golden oxford, combined with the uber-elegant ensemble. Note the open vest in the first outfit that comes below the matching skirt. Interesting choice. We’ll see where that will take us in the spring.

More to come – stay tuned!