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Crowd Power-ism

28 Jan

Today’s great debate: is Groupon the be all, end all?

Sometimes us women require more than clothing. We like to eat. And drink. And get massages. And be overall merry. And we like to do it for a discounted price, at a highly recommended spot that’s close to home, which others like ourselves enjoy. Is that so much to ask? The social world says: certainly not.

We are all aware of the vast power that coupon-clipping moms wield in high numbers. This has allowed sites like Groupon to blast into instant fame and fortune. And, of course, riding on the 54% off coattails of its launch come similar sites by the hundred. Today, I highlight one that seems to have it all.

LivingSocial is my for the goings-on in my city. It’s loud, it’s vibrant, it knows what I want, what I like, how much I want to spend, and where I want to spend it. It’s like they read my diary. It works just like Groupon only better. And more delicious. Best part is their 365 things to do list, which highlights 365 things you never thought you needed to do but realized you can’t live without, and where to do them. Genius.

And, of course, these things will always include shopping. Like where to get some shnazzy boots (#211 – Tip Top Shoes). Now I subconsciouly desire a new pair of fancy leathers. Thank you, LivingSocial.

Ah, the digital world at its finest: Are you a groupon guru or are you livingsocial?



27 Jan

It’s finally happened. NYC is BURIED in snow. There are big puddles of death at every street corner deep enough to swim in. I am ashamed to say I wore Uggs (and shall later inflict self-punishment for even owning them) and they are annihilated. The patches of snow on sidewalks in front of certain buildings are threatening to have me on my derriere before the day is over. What is a poor little fashionista to do?

Those on the runway would suggest this:

Karl, I applaud the effort. These are beautiful garments, but feel free to laugh with me. Apparently her knees require no protection from the surrounding ice structures. And I assume the fashionista that wears this ensemb didn’t kill those animals herself nor is she the kind of gal who will be trudging through the murky sidewalks of Herald Square anytime soon.

For us lowly citizens, might I suggest the following:

And a purdy view of our beloved park.

Gloves via Rag and Bone. Boots via Blondo. Hat via Max Studio. Not my ideal outfit but you gotta do what you gotta do.


27 Jan

Spring has sprung in the fashion world. Take 20% off Asos spring collection. In case you aren’t familiar, Asos online is like Forever 21 for grown-ups. Or the poor man’s Bergdorf.

The following is the “on-trend” hodgepodge that entered my shopping cart (or would have, if the world revolved around me and my size was always available. alas).

1) Paint Splash Shirt. Summon the spirit of Jackson Pollock. Also, it’s metallic.
2) Printed asymmetric dress. This print is wild. Like my inner animal.
3) Ink Heart T-Shirt. Because we all need some lovin.
4) Chiffon Back Crop Front Top. We live in a topsy turvy world. It’s neutral. It’s cropped. It’s so in.
5) Tailored Cape Blazer. I think the Man Repeller would be proud.
6) Tailored slim leg pants. Mustard is the new black. And cropped is the new flare. So hard to keep up.

I’ll come back for the shoes. Girl’s got to eat, after all. Feel free to show off your other finds. I will now go wallow in post-spending binge guilt. While I wait 2-4 weeks for spring to arrive.


26 Jan

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Excuse me, the reflection off of your tin dress is blinding. Such is the price of high fashion. Just don’t ride around in the front seat at night for fear of headlight reflection on unsuspecting passersby.

Amp up the heavy metal with some serious glow this spring. Take these head turners from the spring 2011 runway:

via NY Mag

First contender: shining blazer from the lovely Balmain. A nice touch, wearable, and tres chic. LOVE. Next up is this striking number in this blue/purple/plum in a pretty classic shape by Thakoon. LIKE. Last we have the future costume of the Tin Man’s wife, via Rodarte, complete with matching socks-in-sandals and golden lips. LEAVE. This is why we take the term Ready to Wear with a grain of salt. Fashion is art, after all.

What this means for us: Get your glow on. Love the metallic. Embrace it. Let your soul shine through. And have fun with sparkles. Sometimes the inner 6 year old in us needs a chance to play.

For something you might one day find in your closet, check out these more pocket-friendly alternatives:


1) Alice + Olivia Elyse Metallic Blazer casual, neutral, fitted, and sparkling. Play this up big time both casually and with formal wear
2)Madewell Addison Pleated Tulip Skirt the color is great but not too striking. This really pops off black tights.
3)BCBGeneration Strapless Metallic Dress girl’s got to have her playthings.


25 Jan

Alert the hounds.

SALE at Bergdorf’s. Check it out before the sweet designer goods are whisked away into the carts of BG’s regulars. Here are a few notables from the online 5F section:

1) Marc by MJ Louisa Oversize Panel Top metallic AND breezy. I’ll take two.
2) Current/Elliot Cotton Cropped Twill Cargos cropped, military-esque, olive/neutral, and COMFY. Let’s kill all the birds with this stone
3) Elie Tahari Hadley Metallic Wrap Skirt bright orange with metallic detail. Tres chic.
4) Elizabeth and James Herringbone James Shorts cas, loose fit, perfectly paired with tights. Shorts-lovers’ dream.


24 Jan

So it seems that mermaid is in, legs are out. Good news for the Ariels of the world. Hide beneath the elegant tides of this delectable treat from Haute Hippe. It screams of taste, class, and no need to shave.

The reasons for my lust are 3-fold:

1) It is camel (caramel, nude, neutral, etc) toned. Trend check.
2) The maxi is the new mini, the new pant, the new legging for spring. And this is an uber-maxi. Trend check two.
3) The adjustable drawstring and forgiving silk beats the heck out of an elastic jersey waist. Figure check.

See, fall in love, and attempt to duplicate:

via Shopbop


24 Jan

Newest obsession, craving, desire, lust: Tribal jewelry. Only those pieces with sharp enough points to ward off vampires and ex-boyfriends (not necessarily mutually exclusive) and/or the creep in the elevator are worthy contenders. Summon the spirit of the ancient tribes with colors and patterns (and spikes) fit for performing rain dances to the beat of the buffalo skin drum.

Take these, from

1) House of Harlow

2) Lulu Frost (LOVE LUST DROOL)

3) Pamela Love

Let your imagination go wild. Embrace the feisty spirit within this style. Pair with anything from equally-loud patterns to plain LBDs to a t-shirt and jeans.

Yikes Spikes.