20 Jan

Well, hello fashion world. I’ve been very bad lately and severely neglected you. My deepest apologies. Not to worry – I have been sufficiently punished via deprivation of light and color and forcing myself to don my least comfortable of heels in the office all day. A constant reminder to get my priorities in order.

I return to you today with songs of spring. And a somewhat unexpected trend that at first glance may cause hungover college students to yell out in glee. Alas, as with everything in this mixed up world, it is never as it seems.

PAJAMAS. Behold:

via Elle


via Style.com

Thank you, Karen Walker and Suno. you can’t argue that this is certainly a more comfortable and desirable alternative than most other forms of high fashion. But let’s retain some skepticism before we jump on the PJ train.

Perhaps it was inspired by the designers’ self-denial of sufficient rest over a period of many years. Perhaps the Man Repeller (LOVE btw) has gotten into the heads of designers everywhere. Perhaps it was time to redefine the word “effortless.” Look, it’s cool if you want to make it seem like you just rolled out of bed. But please note: when this style trickles down to the Every Woman, we will NOT be seeing actual pajama bottoms worn in the street and marked as trendy.

What this means for us: On the contrary, this style is adapted from the 70s trend, emphasizing COLOR, LOOSE FABRICS, and PRINT. These are your notables ladies. College students: keep the sweats inside the campus walls. For now.


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