21 Jan

Oh the crop. Crop, bop, shop, top, flop, stop, mop. Why is it called a crop? It sounds like when you cut your friends out of your profile pic so it only shows you and your “good side.” Or the larger category under which things like “corn” and “tomato” fall.

It seems the scrape-the-floor, hide-your-shoes pant and the gathered-at-the-ankle skinny jean are taking a holiday this season. The cropped pant is coming back out to bare what is always the skinniest part of a woman – her ankles. Now those pants that have been through the drier one too many times can be re-appropriated as “trendy.” How thrifty.

I remember telling you sometime yesteryear that hems falling between the knee and mid-calf are a no-no. When it comes to skirts and dresses, I shall not eat my words. Pants, however, are a different beast. From the bermuda short to the almost-pants-capri, cropped is the word.

via NYMag

via NYMag

These little ditties are brought to you by the letter C. Along with Pringle of Scotland and Queen DVF herself. I won’t even begin to comment on the shrunken cropped-ness of Pringle’s look. Who am I to question a master? But I will state the obvious: honey, not everything goes in the drier. These looks embrace what I call the combo-crop. Like a super-crop. Like corn on steroids.

What this means for us: Well, you can wear cropped pants. They sell them everywhere. If you want to be saving-savvy, hem an old pair of un-dryered straight legs or break out those bermuda shorts from 2005. What they’re telling you here is that it’s even ok to combine with a cropped jacket. Maybe even a cropped tee and socks while you’re at it. I am not condoning said super-crop. I say stick with one or the other. But who am I to stand in the way of the uber-trendy.


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