27 Jan

Spring has sprung in the fashion world. Take 20% off Asos spring collection. In case you aren’t familiar, Asos online is like Forever 21 for grown-ups. Or the poor man’s Bergdorf.

The following is the “on-trend” hodgepodge that entered my shopping cart (or would have, if the world revolved around me and my size was always available. alas).

1) Paint Splash Shirt. Summon the spirit of Jackson Pollock. Also, it’s metallic.
2) Printed asymmetric dress. This print is wild. Like my inner animal.
3) Ink Heart T-Shirt. Because we all need some lovin.
4) Chiffon Back Crop Front Top. We live in a topsy turvy world. It’s neutral. It’s cropped. It’s so in.
5) Tailored Cape Blazer. I think the Man Repeller would be proud.
6) Tailored slim leg pants. Mustard is the new black. And cropped is the new flare. So hard to keep up.

I’ll come back for the shoes. Girl’s got to eat, after all. Feel free to show off your other finds. I will now go wallow in post-spending binge guilt. While I wait 2-4 weeks for spring to arrive.


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