Crowd Power-ism

28 Jan

Today’s great debate: is Groupon the be all, end all?

Sometimes us women require more than clothing. We like to eat. And drink. And get massages. And be overall merry. And we like to do it for a discounted price, at a highly recommended spot that’s close to home, which others like ourselves enjoy. Is that so much to ask? The social world says: certainly not.

We are all aware of the vast power that coupon-clipping moms wield in high numbers. This has allowed sites like Groupon to blast into instant fame and fortune. And, of course, riding on the 54% off coattails of its launch come similar sites by the hundred. Today, I highlight one that seems to have it all.

LivingSocial is my for the goings-on in my city. It’s loud, it’s vibrant, it knows what I want, what I like, how much I want to spend, and where I want to spend it. It’s like they read my diary. It works just like Groupon only better. And more delicious. Best part is their 365 things to do list, which highlights 365 things you never thought you needed to do but realized you can’t live without, and where to do them. Genius.

And, of course, these things will always include shopping. Like where to get some shnazzy boots (#211 – Tip Top Shoes). Now I subconsciouly desire a new pair of fancy leathers. Thank you, LivingSocial.

Ah, the digital world at its finest: Are you a groupon guru or are you livingsocial?


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