1 Feb

Lovin that shag. Me-ow.

For the umpteenth time since the decade itself, That 70s Look is back in swing. Time to be hip to the hippie and rock those forehead bands and wide leg jeans over 6-inch platforms.

One element from the era of peace and love that has picked up a lot recently is fur. Preferably faux fur for our tree-huggin PETA lovers out there, but fur nonetheless. Vests are a really simple and chic way to incorporate it, but there will always be those that take it to new levels with floor length coats, big fur skirts, and those shaggy boots we all love to hate.

Check out these friendly furry finds and plan to snuggle up:

Vest: Kensie Faux Fur Vest. Easygoing accessory.
Snood: ASOS Long Fantasy Fur Snood. For fur in the face.
Jacket: Twisted Heart Biker Jacket. For just a hint of wild animal.
Bag: Wabags Yvette Fur Handbag. Makes an impeccable accent.
Hat: ASOS Fantasy Fur Cossack Hat. To top it off.

Go fur it.


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