2 Feb

Boom boom pow.

Picture holding an old vintage cast-iron pistol. Can’t you just feel the cool, sleek, powerful metal? It’s the refreshing allure of that old gunmetal that always gets our goat. What if you could harness that energy and keep it by your side? Lucky for us, gunmetal chic is all the rage in the fashion realm. Take aim and shoot your fashion prowess to a new level.

I was inspired and intrigued by the intensity and drama of this gorgeous knotted clutch by Bottega Veneta. Solid rectangular clutches have always struck me as so fierce, so dramatic… and so non-practical. But hey isn’t that the point?

While we drool, check out these gunmetal-inspired pieces guaranteed to add some flare to your ensemb:

Pack heat at all times.

1. Noir Jewelry CZ Pyramid Ring.
2. All Saints Rajani Earring.
3. Leslie Danzis Gunmetal Chain Necklace.
4. Tasha studded head wrap.
5. Foley + Corinna metallic plated disco city bag.
6. Talullah tu jewelry vine cocktail ring.
7. Michael Kors Vienna Sandal.
8. Giant silk bow elongated flap clutch.


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