Girl power-ism

4 Feb

Perusing through the epitome of my fashion and life inspiration, Vogue Italia, this image popped out at me. Let me shake things up and take un momento piu serio.

Look hard at this image – it reminds us why we are women; how fierce we are, how feminine, how daring, how utterly unique. Woman is bold. She is confident. She is alluring. The bright, almost luminous red hue of this peek-aboo sheer dress, pleated in a most sophisticated manner, billowing up like the famed Marilyn Monroe post of yore. Woman spreads her wings. Woman’s reach is wide. The hot red stiletto heels only aid in her effortless slide down the banister. She is in control. Don’t mess with those shoes. And a peek of sheer bright blue to mix it up underneath. This is fashion, my friends. This is utmost feminine. Perfect with a pouted lip for a look that can transcend the decades.

I am woman, hear me rawr.


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