23 Feb

FW #2 down and out, onto my love, Milano. Here’s the roundup from Big Ben’s hometown.

It was Skittles and snow at Burberry Prorsum with some trippy bright colors followed by signature black and bright as Snow White:

The 70s vibe is felt with the flare legs and sweet silhouettes. And who would Burberry be without their signature plaid and military inspired jackets? The cinched waist/fur pouf piece over there is pretty sweet, but not sure what to do with it.

This is the latest from Mr. Matthew Williamson

Who wears socks with sandals? I wear socks with sandals! Check out the height on these serious platforms. I’m getting some tribal vibes, metallic bright color blocks, and the return of the mini. A striking difference to the classic-era themes of NYFW. Way to be daring, London.

Oh hey, ethereal goddess. Amanda Wakeley summons the ancients with some gilded love:

Loving the camel with a pop of orange. What a smooth accent. The gold is working, Greek goddess style. The shape of the middle dress seems to be inspired by the old robes of the ancients, mini and belted for a modern shape. The combination of bright red and gold smattering is simply to die for. Red is just the color of the season.

Cheers. Off to Milano for some Italian stallions.


*all photos via NYMag



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