28 Feb

Amo la moda italiana.

Gucci came out looking like they raided Willy Wonka’s closet. Can you say fruit of the looney?

Everything still looked pretty awesome in that way only Gucci can achieve. Fur was present in a big way, and obviously no hesitation in mixing every bright hue they could think of. That hat is key. Notice the switch to sheers with that awesome floral detail on the shoulder, and a more classic printed sheer to round it out.

Then we have crazy Moschino paying homage to the uniformed profession, calling out to all our favorites from the French maid to the train conductor. And they made these uniforms look hot. Think twice before giving up that job as a hostess…

Forget inspired, those hats are straight out of a uniform. The suits are tailored perfectly to the slender female body, and they’re not trying to be sexy. Except that glamorous golden librarian. Notice the bright red floral accents on that last tailcoat. Menswear is an understatement.

Next up, Dsquared2 never ever disappoints. Layering at its very best. Ride ’em, cowgirl.

I don;t know how many layers they have in these looks, but it works. So edgy and effortless. Destroyed jeans=in. Cowboy hats, a touch of pink, and leather leather leather. Those are ice skates, by the way. That last one is absolute vixen. I’m obsessed with the flow of that maxi dress. and the fur collar.

Finally for now we have the indisputable Versace.

Lover of all things vibrant and sexy, Donatella does not disappoint. Awesome patterns, neon lace-up peep toe boots, and shining leather skirts are soon to be all over. Again with he bright colors, but I’m totally getting used to it. And that last look with the cutout chest and feathered detail is disgustingly stunning. Color me impressed.



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