Fashion is stupid. Let’s change it.

An “ism” is a belief, principle, or movement, and can be the defining attribute of something or someone. Fashion is built on -isms – on beliefs, on movements that it hopes the world will follow. But this often becomes an exclusive club in which those who don’t understand or cannot abide by these laws are left out in the cold.

After all, what does it mean to be “chic,” to be “trendy,” to be “flattering” or have the “perfect fit”? – No, what does it actually mean for the real, everyday woman who doesn’t speak Prada or Givenchy? For instance, do we know how commonplace items like those that end up in malls become such, being derived and simplified from the high designs appearing on our runways? Where is the connection between what we have available to us and what we see on that runway? How could we have predicted that Uggs would become a huge craze, that the colors of the 80s would reappear, that heels of epic heights would be established as essential in the wardrobe of every female, and how do we translate what we see on the runway into these trends? I intend to help you, the Every Woman, take meaning from this crazy world of exclusivity and fancy parties and allow it to be discussed objectively and openly.

In all people, there is a small, yet catalytic thought that sparks in their minds as they open their closet doors or their dresser drawers, as they sift through the pile of clothes on their floors or the racks in the stores, seeking to find an item or two or three that follows that particular thought, that particular -ism they seek to live up to today. Be it comfort, function, trend, style, self-expression, warmth, or whatever the reason we dress ourselves each day, there is a thought that causes us to choose what we do. More often than not, it goes beyond simple function. We live in a world where doors are closed to us if we are not wearing the right type of clothing. You can’t show up to a wedding in shorts, or dine in a fine establishment with a baseball cap. We can’t even enter the simplest of public places without the proper garments. We need suits to interview, suits to swim, we need pajamas to sleep in and uniforms to play in. And beyond that, these need to be current, flattering, and unique. Society is demanding. Let me show you how to conquer this strange thing called fashion and turn it into something that’s understandable and within reach.

Contact me: fashionisms@gmail.com


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