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4 Mar

Short spotlight on a fall collection I particularly enjoyed. And not just because one of the designers and I may or may not share a first name….


Preen came out full of class and color. I love that they mixed bright solid hues in with the sheers and prints in a sort of color-block, mismatched way. The elegant neckline on the middle look is gorgeous, and perfectly complements the sexy open hem in the skirt. The print on the end was a big part of the collection, coming out in multiple forms and had that great sheer element.

Delicious. Look for those common themes for the fall. In the meantime, get spring shopping. The season’s almost here…



2 Mar

There’s something about celebrities and an eventual decline into complete lack of self control. Maybe those spotlights just burn too bright. Or maybe it’s true that the more creative a person is, the closer he is to absolute madness. Lately there have been quite a few tweet-worthy issues popping up in every direction. The biggest in the fashion world came as John Galliano annihilated the line between quirky creative and psychotic with one drunk rant in his recent explosion of hot mess.

I can’t say anything on this topic more eloquently and gracefully than Natalie Portman, formerly the face of Miss Dior Cherie, when she stated: “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today… I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful” (via NY Times). Well said; the girl always carries herself with sophistication and class.

Then there’s Galliano. Nutty as he may be, we can’t dispute the genius that lies within when it comes to his work for Dior. Here are a few of my favorite looks from his past, befitting his outrageous personality to a tee:


Passion + eccentricity + genius + eclecticism + pressure + fame = internal war. Beauty is so close to destruction.


Then, of course, there is the Sheen meister. I won’t comment on that other than to leave you with my favorite line from his repertoire:

“The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger and Richards look like droopy-eyed armless children.” – Sheen himself


28 Feb

Amo la moda italiana.

Gucci came out looking like they raided Willy Wonka’s closet. Can you say fruit of the looney?

Everything still looked pretty awesome in that way only Gucci can achieve. Fur was present in a big way, and obviously no hesitation in mixing every bright hue they could think of. That hat is key. Notice the switch to sheers with that awesome floral detail on the shoulder, and a more classic printed sheer to round it out.

Then we have crazy Moschino paying homage to the uniformed profession, calling out to all our favorites from the French maid to the train conductor. And they made these uniforms look hot. Think twice before giving up that job as a hostess…

Forget inspired, those hats are straight out of a uniform. The suits are tailored perfectly to the slender female body, and they’re not trying to be sexy. Except that glamorous golden librarian. Notice the bright red floral accents on that last tailcoat. Menswear is an understatement.

Next up, Dsquared2 never ever disappoints. Layering at its very best. Ride ’em, cowgirl.

I don;t know how many layers they have in these looks, but it works. So edgy and effortless. Destroyed jeans=in. Cowboy hats, a touch of pink, and leather leather leather. Those are ice skates, by the way. That last one is absolute vixen. I’m obsessed with the flow of that maxi dress. and the fur collar.

Finally for now we have the indisputable Versace.

Lover of all things vibrant and sexy, Donatella does not disappoint. Awesome patterns, neon lace-up peep toe boots, and shining leather skirts are soon to be all over. Again with he bright colors, but I’m totally getting used to it. And that last look with the cutout chest and feathered detail is disgustingly stunning. Color me impressed.



23 Feb

FW #2 down and out, onto my love, Milano. Here’s the roundup from Big Ben’s hometown.

It was Skittles and snow at Burberry Prorsum with some trippy bright colors followed by signature black and bright as Snow White:

The 70s vibe is felt with the flare legs and sweet silhouettes. And who would Burberry be without their signature plaid and military inspired jackets? The cinched waist/fur pouf piece over there is pretty sweet, but not sure what to do with it.

This is the latest from Mr. Matthew Williamson

Who wears socks with sandals? I wear socks with sandals! Check out the height on these serious platforms. I’m getting some tribal vibes, metallic bright color blocks, and the return of the mini. A striking difference to the classic-era themes of NYFW. Way to be daring, London.

Oh hey, ethereal goddess. Amanda Wakeley summons the ancients with some gilded love:

Loving the camel with a pop of orange. What a smooth accent. The gold is working, Greek goddess style. The shape of the middle dress seems to be inspired by the old robes of the ancients, mini and belted for a modern shape. The combination of bright red and gold smattering is simply to die for. Red is just the color of the season.

Cheers. Off to Milano for some Italian stallions.


*all photos via NYMag


Fashion Week-ism

15 Feb

So we’ve nearly reached the end. It”s impossible to tackle the whole big fat mess of new styles shown this week, so here are my notables:

From the elegant and romantic Monique Lhuillier:

These beautiful looks sum up a few of the main points from this week: conservative, 1950s feel with longer hemlines and tight, hourglass silhouettes; sparkling metallic accents; an elegant, ruffled flare at the waist; the color of love.

From the epitome of class, Vera Wang:

We’ve got fur accents, neutral tones, sheer fabrics, lower hemlines, simple platform and peep toe booties, and a drop waist, reminiscent of the olden days. Sheer elegance, sheer femininity.

From the always unpredictable Alice + Olivia:

Hello, 1970s. Flare legs, bright color blocks to offset the neutrals, pantsuits with metallic sparkles, a nod to the glamorous 1920s with a modern shape, and bright platform mary janes with plenty of fur accents.

From hipster eccentric Rag + Bone:

The look is 70s style meets plaid meets eskimo chic meets color blocks and tweed, with an ever-present nod to menswear. Oh ya, and the oxford is still in.

Finally for today, my girl DVF:

We’ve entered the city of Oz. Bright colors in 70s style, with wide leg cropped pants,fur, cutout tops, XXL Sunnies to match, fun(ky) fabrics, metallic accents, long hemlines, and the color of love baby. With some simple platform boots. What a show.

It’s been a long week. Stay tuned for more decoding to come.

* all photos via

Not FW-ism

11 Feb

Yes, yes it’s #NYFW. Or #FW2011. Or #FallFW2011. Or my personal fav #FFFW (*$!# Fall Fashion Week.) Not sure why I’m  so hostile. I’ll get around to sharing my two cents on it, but at the moment it’s being discussed absolutely everywhere. I figure you’re swarmed enough to already be sick of fall. And it’s only February. And day 2.

Instead, I bring you: the new spring/summer lookbook from one of my all time favorite brands, All Saints. I’m obsessed  with their distressed, cascading, asymmetrical, full-of-fabricy aura. We flow well. Also I’m strangely attracted to their endless Singer sowing machines. I might have been a seamstress in a past life. Rad.

I strongly advise you to peruse through it: In the meantime, I share the notables:

I just want to swim around in this sweet tribal print. In case you were wondering, those are birds. How delicate. I’m obsessed with the color, the print, and the shape. Cool and cas (cash? casual.). And the sandals are the perfect touch.

This sweater and I will be besties. I can feel it. Soft stripes, asymmetrical, slashed swag, and a breezy open front. It’s like they read my mind. You can’t see the cutouts on the back. But they’re there. And they’re perfect.

What’s a tailcoat? This, apparently, is a tailcoat. I still don’t know why shirts are called jumpers, and tanks are called vests, and things that are really cool are brilliant. But I’m not bloody British. I do know I love this tailcoat and will do my best to find some sort of use for it.


9 Feb

Accessory edition.

Clothing is one thing, but sometimes the accessories paired with what would be an elegant dress are just all wrong. Case in point: Christina Aguilera. All the time. The girl’s been my idol since the age of 9, but seriously who lets her near that much bleach??? (I won’t mention the recent Superbowl debacle. Girl needs a break.)

Let’s start with the antithesis: The Hooker Heel.

Platforms are great – don’t get me wrong. But can anyone realistically walk in these? I mean, no matter what, you’re going to look less than sophisticated when you show up standing a full foot taller than your natural height.

For classy sexy, try these instead:

1. Michael Kors Naples Leather Platform Bootie. Peep toe: Gooood. Snakeskin: gooood. Open heel: gooooood.
2. Pelle Moda Intrigue. Normal-sized platform: perfect. Strappy accents: extra perfect.
3. L.A.M.B. Crepe Bootie. Peep toe: sexxy. Sheer textile accent: So Sexxxy. Blush color: Super Sexxy.

Jewels. Antithesis: The Hooker Hoop. Apologies to anyone reading this who may be wearing them.


Replace with:

1. Juicy Couture Baguette Chandelier. The Chandelier. Long chains: sexy.
2. Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring. Just hot. But still classy. Unique.
3. Label Lab Gold Knotted Necklace. Chains: hot. Knot: tie me up sexy. Without saying too much.

Modern times are tough. There are so many wrong choices to make. But it sure as hell beats the days of the corset. Ouch mami.