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9 Feb

Accessory edition.

Clothing is one thing, but sometimes the accessories paired with what would be an elegant dress are just all wrong. Case in point: Christina Aguilera. All the time. The girl’s been my idol since the age of 9, but seriously who lets her near that much bleach??? (I won’t mention the recent Superbowl debacle. Girl needs a break.)

Let’s start with the antithesis: The Hooker Heel.

Platforms are great – don’t get me wrong. But can anyone realistically walk in these? I mean, no matter what, you’re going to look less than sophisticated when you show up standing a full foot taller than your natural height.

For classy sexy, try these instead:

1. Michael Kors Naples Leather Platform Bootie. Peep toe: Gooood. Snakeskin: gooood. Open heel: gooooood.
2. Pelle Moda Intrigue. Normal-sized platform: perfect. Strappy accents: extra perfect.
3. L.A.M.B. Crepe Bootie. Peep toe: sexxy. Sheer textile accent: So Sexxxy. Blush color: Super Sexxy.

Jewels. Antithesis: The Hooker Hoop. Apologies to anyone reading this who may be wearing them.


Replace with:

1. Juicy Couture Baguette Chandelier. The Chandelier. Long chains: sexy.
2. Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring. Just hot. But still classy. Unique.
3. Label Lab Gold Knotted Necklace. Chains: hot. Knot: tie me up sexy. Without saying too much.

Modern times are tough. There are so many wrong choices to make. But it sure as hell beats the days of the corset. Ouch mami.



2 Feb

Boom boom pow.

Picture holding an old vintage cast-iron pistol. Can’t you just feel the cool, sleek, powerful metal? It’s the refreshing allure of that old gunmetal that always gets our goat. What if you could harness that energy and keep it by your side? Lucky for us, gunmetal chic is all the rage in the fashion realm. Take aim and shoot your fashion prowess to a new level.

I was inspired and intrigued by the intensity and drama of this gorgeous knotted clutch by Bottega Veneta. Solid rectangular clutches have always struck me as so fierce, so dramatic… and so non-practical. But hey isn’t that the point?

While we drool, check out these gunmetal-inspired pieces guaranteed to add some flare to your ensemb:

Pack heat at all times.

1. Noir Jewelry CZ Pyramid Ring.
2. All Saints Rajani Earring.
3. Leslie Danzis Gunmetal Chain Necklace.
4. Tasha studded head wrap.
5. Foley + Corinna metallic plated disco city bag.
6. Talullah tu jewelry vine cocktail ring.
7. Michael Kors Vienna Sandal.
8. Giant silk bow elongated flap clutch.


2 Sep

What an unbelievable new discovery. The amazing Jennine from The Coveted has teamed up with the latest and greatest in women’s fashion. is a brand new site on which you can design and order your very own shoes and handbags – for $100! This is taking the fashion world into a brand new dimension. Made to order shoes and bags are the hottest thing since sliced bread. Where on earth will this go next?


1 Sep

As the waist line is lowering, so too are heel heights. We never thought this day would come. After a continual rise to unbelievably daring heights, even to the point of eliminating the actual heel altogether (think Victoria Beckham in her heel-less “standing shoe”), the fashion world has decided to finally give our little piggies a well-deserved break. This Valentino sandal still finds a way to rock his famous bow. The kitten heel is officially the new platform stiletto. How posh.

What this means for us: Embrace it for every moment it lasts. Before you know it, heel heights will be on the rise again. The most common form is the pointed toe stiletto pump. This is super-refined, sophisticated, and elegant. If that’s what you’re going for, perfect. This trend comes of course from the recurring Mad Men them e of dressing, adopting the styles of the 60s with a longer hemline and more conservative styles. If you want to be a little funkier, try it in a bootie or a fun sandal. They can be really cute. Here are a couple of my favorites from and J. Renee:


20 Aug

Latest obsession. Had to share. LOVING Oak NYC. Decent prices, edgy vibes. These mini-wedges are hot. And the elastic on the upper is really big right now. Hello, snakeskin,


20 Aug

These shoes. Have fur on them. Like that book that tries to eat you in Harry Potter. These are from Ralph Lauren, and these are the tamest of the bunch. I thought we were moving away from animal persecution toward a greener and more natural fashion world? Who am I kidding. There were Uggs. And now there are fur creatures from the lagoon. Check out Zac Posen’s red and black booties for some real shaggy madness. To quote Indelible Me, “It’s soo FLUFFY!”

What this means for us: Well, I guess this means Uggs aren’t the worst things anymore. Have fun with it. Throw some fur into different accessories to rock out the trend. Find some necklaces or cuffs with fur accents and feel free to rock those fluffy booties. As always, keep it to one or two accessories. Don’t throw on a fur coat with these babies if you aren’t a fan of the Cruella de Vil effect. These from Oak NYC are hot:


2 Aug

Who doesn’t love a great pair of classic Keds? I think I’ve owned the classic white ones since I took my first steps. It’s a great American brand with a lot of history. But they have really given themselves a face-lift recently, coming out with a bunch of gorgeous designs by famous artists and installing a “design your own” section on their site. Now you can have the sneakers you’ve always dreamed of, in lace-ups, slip-ons, high tops, backless, or anything else you can dream up. The one above is a vintage throwback design – really adorable to wear in the summer with a floral dress. The one below is more of an artistic design by Amy Ormond for Keds Collective – you’ll pay a bit more for the creativity, but in my opinion it’s well worth it: