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Not FW-ism

11 Feb

Yes, yes it’s #NYFW. Or #FW2011. Or #FallFW2011. Or my personal fav #FFFW (*$!# Fall Fashion Week.) Not sure why I’mĀ  so hostile. I’ll get around to sharing my two cents on it, but at the moment it’s being discussed absolutely everywhere. I figure you’re swarmed enough to already be sick of fall. And it’s only February. And day 2.

Instead, I bring you: the new spring/summer lookbook from one of my all time favorite brands, All Saints. I’m obsessedĀ  with their distressed, cascading, asymmetrical, full-of-fabricy aura. We flow well. Also I’m strangely attracted to their endless Singer sowing machines. I might have been a seamstress in a past life. Rad.

I strongly advise you to peruse through it: http://bit.ly/eAOLsv. In the meantime, I share the notables:

I just want to swim around in this sweet tribal print. In case you were wondering, those are birds. How delicate. I’m obsessed with the color, the print, and the shape. Cool and cas (cash? casual.). And the sandals are the perfect touch.

This sweater and I will be besties. I can feel it. Soft stripes, asymmetrical, slashed swag, and a breezy open front. It’s like they read my mind. You can’t see the cutouts on the back. But they’re there. And they’re perfect.

What’s a tailcoat? This, apparently, is a tailcoat. I still don’t know why shirts are called jumpers, and tanks are called vests, and things that are really cool are brilliant. But I’m not bloody British. I do know I love this tailcoat and will do my best to find some sort of use for it.