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Fashion Week-ism

15 Feb

So we’ve nearly reached the end. It”s impossible to tackle the whole big fat mess of new styles shown this week, so here are my notables:

From the elegant and romantic Monique Lhuillier:

These beautiful looks sum up a few of the main points from this week: conservative, 1950s feel with longer hemlines and tight, hourglass silhouettes; sparkling metallic accents; an elegant, ruffled flare at the waist; the color of love.

From the epitome of class, Vera Wang:

We’ve got fur accents, neutral tones, sheer fabrics, lower hemlines, simple platform and peep toe booties, and a drop waist, reminiscent of the olden days. Sheer elegance, sheer femininity.

From the always unpredictable Alice + Olivia:

Hello, 1970s. Flare legs, bright color blocks to offset the neutrals, pantsuits with metallic sparkles, a nod to the glamorous 1920s with a modern shape, and bright platform mary janes with plenty of fur accents.

From hipster eccentric Rag + Bone:

The look is 70s style meets plaid meets eskimo chic meets color blocks and tweed, with an ever-present nod to menswear. Oh ya, and the oxford is still in.

Finally for today, my girl DVF:

We’ve entered the city of Oz. Bright colors in 70s style, with wide leg cropped pants,fur, cutout tops, XXL Sunnies to match, fun(ky) fabrics, metallic accents, long hemlines, and the color of love baby. With some simple platform boots. What a show.

It’s been a long week. Stay tuned for more decoding to come.

* all photos via nymag.com



27 Jan

It’s finally happened. NYC is BURIED in snow. There are big puddles of death at every street corner deep enough to swim in. I am ashamed to say I wore Uggs (and shall later inflict self-punishment for even owning them) and they are annihilated. The patches of snow on sidewalks in front of certain buildings are threatening to have me on my derriere before the day is over. What is a poor little fashionista to do?

Those on the runway would suggest this:

Karl, I applaud the effort. These are beautiful garments, but feel free to laugh with me. Apparently her knees require no protection from the surrounding ice structures. And I assume the fashionista that wears this ensemb didn’t kill those animals herself nor is she the kind of gal who will be trudging through the murky sidewalks of Herald Square anytime soon.

For us lowly citizens, might I suggest the following:

And a purdy view of our beloved park.

Gloves via Rag and Bone. Boots via Blondo. Hat via Max Studio. Not my ideal outfit but you gotta do what you gotta do.