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8 Feb

“In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but now god knows….”

I’ve decided to attack the modern notion of the popular term “sexy”. Not sure when it became such an alluring concept, but this particular adjective often consumes a woman’s entire self image and dictates the way she makes herself look. Outwardly, we are compelled to show this trait via the clothes we wear. However, that “sexy” feminine silhouette that takes shape when I’m in my favorite LBD doesn’t happen on the hanger, so it’s not inherent in the clothing itself. Naturally, it’s a woman’s aura – her energy, her confidence, and her shape – that picks up where the fabric leaves off.

From corsets and bustiers to miniskirts and push up bras, we have come a long way. Back in the day, just a glimpse of an ankle or a v-neck would suffice to elicit a blush or catch the eye of a “gentleman caller.” Those were simpler times. How, I wonder, did we ever get from that to, well, this:

via Twist

Love you, Amanda, but something’s been lost in translation. This piece of fabric leaves nothing to the imagination – one wrong slip and it crosses that thin line from sexy to “I can see your lack of undergarments.”

Where oh where did we go wrong? What Ms. Bynes seems to be missing here is that sometimes what you don’t show can be sexier. The attention you get from showing just a glimpse of your shoulder will be much more well received than the attention any lady would get strutting down the street in that little number. And I use the term “lady” quite lightly…

If you’re gonna strut your stuff, choose one part. This is sophisticated sexy. This will find you a husband, as opposed to, well…

Nothing is sexier than a bare shoulder. So bare it. Go Kim K with a one-shoulder dress, but keep it classy with a longer hem, or pair it with tights:

River Island Oragami Dress via Asos – chic and sophisticated, but shorter, so she paired it with deep tights.
Alice + Olivia Striped Skye Dress – longer hem, fitted silhouette, and a cap sleeve. It’s clean cut and sexy

If you want to do the bare legs, do bare legs. But don’t sacrifice other exposure too – cover the shoulders, don’t show off the girls, or try a looser fit:

Zara Tulip Dress – old time sexy silhouette and plenty of leg, but conservative elsewhere
Asos Chiffon Panel Dress – flowing comfy, casual, and sexy
Black Halo Mary mini Dress – tight at the bottom, loose and comfy at the top. Perfect mix

Third area is the top. Cleavage does not equal sexy. If you are going to show skin on top, balance it out by covering up elsewhere – sleeves, pants, a looser fitting top, etc:

Donna Mizani Cutout Top: open back is sexy, but not if paired with a mini skirt.
Max Studio Cashmere V Neck Top: long and lean look, paired with skinnies.
Nightcap Clothing College Cardigan Dress: Effortless, casual sexy. The high socks with a hint of bare leg are perfect here too.

Show off your sexy side without showing too much. Let your confidence and femininity do the rest.